The Witcher Franchise Passes the 25 Million Games Sold Mark


This here is a theme quite close to my heart, since I’ve spent more time on The Witcher 3 than on any other singular game. CD Projekt Red has announced that their prodigal child, The Witcher 3 series (based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels which you should definitely read if you like either well-written stories or The Witcher’s world) has soared past the 25 million copies sold.

This has translated into pretty considerable revenues for the Polish company – those generated by the sales of The Witcher 3 and its expansion packs have, since the base game’s release in May 2015, topped 1 billion PLN (around $254 million dollars). The 2016 revenues and net profit of CD Projekt were still 75% of those obtained by the company in the year that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt shipped – which just goes to show how much the series achieved with its release.

I, for one, am a fan of the way CD Projekt Red handles its marketing and fan communication, how they go out of their way to offer small tidbits that we have been mostly bled dry for by other companies. It really does stir up the argument when one considers that a company can make away with DRM (which the series has not had since The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, even though the company did stumble in those times) and succeed. CD Projekt Red has become a company whose mission and delivery – from including the games’ soundtrack and a full sized, colored map with standard editions of the game, and fifteen free pieces of DLC – have done nothing but increase gamers’ goodwill.

And let’s not forget how The Witcher 3 stood head and shoulders above its competition when it came to a true, meaningful open world; well-written, well thought-out side-quests (and an amazing main story-line) set on a dark, gritty, believable medieval fantasy setting that made most of us ignore Roach’s little misdemeanors. I’m all out towards their upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 take on a sci-fi setting (how I’d envy, you, Ciri, for having set foot on that universe already, if you were not a fictional character!)