Destiny 2 Officially Confirmed for PC


Destiny. The game where you play as an intergalactic zombie animated by a pulsing light. The game where you listen to Nolan North’s voice over the remains of Peter Dinklage’s forays into such powerful wording as “That wizard came from the moon!” and “We’ve woken the Hive!”. A universe worth at least a promise of $500 million dollars in investment. A Universe that has constantly evolved through updates to loot and some drastic gameplay alters throughout its overly long lifetime, married with carefully crafted gameplay and gunplay, satisfying powers, and the promise of an epic tale which ultimately falls flat (though your mileage may vary.) Difficulties with the game engine – probably holdouts from it Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 support – made the workflow for creating new content a reported nightmare for the developers, which impeded their ability to deliver their vision of content for a game that looked much more ambitious than it actually turned out to be.

Yup, that game is coming to the PC. Well, not Destiny itself. But its sequel, Destiny 2, which seems to be putting all its stock on Nathan Fillion’s Cayde-6 to carry the story with his witty humor and overall screen presence. Destiny 2 looks to marry Bungie’s “60 seconds of fun” perfected throughout the Halo series with a riveting, non-back-flipped story, and the promise of enough story-driven content to basically become the only game you’ll ever want to play. Here’s hoping that leaving the older platforms behind let Bungie finally fulfill at least part of their vision for a Universe that is amazingly detailed in lore and backstory. And now (well, September 8th), you will be able to do so with the fine-grained control of your PC mouse of choice.

What a time to be a semi-alive Guardian.