Best Samsung Gear VR games: 10 virtual reality games you need to play


We’ve been hearing it for a couple of years now, but virtual reality really is the next big thing, honest.


It’s already helping doctors train for surgery and engineers explore the feasibility of their proposed designs. For all its world-changing, life-altering applications, it’s gaming where we’re seeing some of the biggest consumer-facing changes, however.

Thankfully, decent VR gaming is no longer limited to top-end headsets, such as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, that cost as much as your first car and require more space than your early attempts at parallel parking.

Instead, amidst the mass of world-exploring, dinosaur-introducing, education-providing VR experiences and 360-degree videos, the Samsung Gear VR headset is chock-full of solid gaming experiences.

From flying spaceships to solving puzzles, and shooting ducks to building worlds, the affordable, smartphone-friendly headset brings a variety of gaming opportunities to the fore.

The following, however, are the best Samsung Gear VR games available right now.