A new iPod could be making an appearance today, the 7th gen iPod touch


The stage is set for a whole host of new iPhones to be announced later on today, including the iPhone X and iPhone 8, but a new leak unearthed by 9to5Mac has raised the tantalising possibility of a new iPod touch making an appearance. 

That’s right, Apple might be about to announce its first iPod touch since 2015 if this page from credit card company Discover is anything to go by. 

The announcement would certainly be a surprise after Apple unceremoniously killed off both the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle earlier this year, and the iPod Classic back in 2014.

The iPod touch was allowed to live on, presumably because it allows access to streaming services in addition to locally stored music.  

So what’s new?

There are reasons to doubt the accuracy of this leak. The Verge points out that the page mentions the ‘1 to 1 Membership’ program, which Apple discontinued in 2015. 

That said, while the rest of the new products mentioned on the page have been rumored for months, the inclusion of a new iPod is left-field enough that it feels more believable to us. 

The page doesn’t give any details on what form the new iPod will take, although we’d imagine it will feature an updated chassis in line with the new iPhone 8 or iPhone X, along with perhaps an expanded amount of storage. 

We’ll have to wait to find out if this rumor has any truth to it. Stay tuned to TechRadar where we’ll be reporting from the iPhone 8 launch live on the ground from the event. 

Source: TechRadar