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How the Obama administration is pushing the U.S. to take a stronger stance on cybersecurity with Russia

The Obama administration has pushed the U,S.

military to intensify cyberattacks against Russian targets in order to deter retaliation from Moscow, an influential Pentagon watchdog group said Wednesday.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) released a report titled “A Stronger Cyberforce in Cyber: A Plan for Effective, Organized, and Flexible Attacks on the Russian Cyberforce” which recommends that the military develop a cyber strategy and strengthen existing cyber operations, according to the Associated Press.ODNI director Daniel Russel said the report lays out a “clear and balanced assessment” of how the U.”s cyber force should be directed and coordinated” and is meant to be used as an “open source of information for policymakers” and Congress.

“We know from experience that successful cyber operations can improve the effectiveness of the defense systems, deter future attacks, and even reduce casualties,” Russel wrote in the report.

“We believe that the cyber force of the future can contribute to these ends.”

Russel said that while the Obama White House has long stressed the importance of Russia to the U., the military “has largely not taken that view,” despite the fact that the U is the world’s top cyberpower.

The report also outlines steps that the Pentagon can take to improve its cyber capabilities in light of Russia’s recent attacks.

For instance, the report said the U should strengthen its capacity to counter the cyberattacks of the country, as well as develop an effective counterintelligence capability to counter Russian disinformation.

It also said that the DOD should establish a Joint Center of Excellence to conduct cyber warfare assessments, including cyber threats to U.N. systems, and create a cybersecurity center that focuses on countering cyberthreats.

Russel also said the DOD and the State Department should work with the private sector to develop cyber weapons that can be used against Russia and China.

The DOD is also expected to push Congress to authorize new funding for the Pentagon’s Cyber Command to counter cyberattacks.

The report said that as part of the plan, the DOD would develop a comprehensive strategy for the cyberwarfare effort to be shared with the Department of State, the Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research, and the National Security Council.