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How much of Israel’s ‘unipolar world’ is a lie?

By JEFFREY KAHANAThe Jerusalem PostA report published in January 2016 in the international journal International Studies Quarterly found that Israel has no strategic objective of expanding its influence in the region.

Instead, the report says, the goal of Israel is to maintain its status as a pariah state.

In fact, according to the report, Israel’s strategic objective is to remain a paragon of non-interference, as it was in 1967, even though it has a substantial share of territory in the West Bank and Gaza.

While Israel continues to seek the possibility of a Palestinian state, it is not pursuing a unilateral goal of expanding it in the areas occupied by Israel.

The report’s authors argue that this is a major problem for the region, because it means Israel will continue to maintain a parochial stance toward the Palestinians.

It is also a major obstacle to regional peace, which they say is a key goal of international efforts to revive peace.

Israel has repeatedly accused the Palestinians of being terrorists, but has refused to recognize their right to self-determination.

In response to the findings of the report in the International Studies Review, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that his government was prepared to take the necessary measures to prevent a further escalation of tensions.

According to the Israeli government, it has adopted a strategy that seeks to prevent the continuation of any further escalation in the Middle East, including by establishing a permanent security perimeter.

Netanyahu said:The Palestinians are determined to live in a state that is the exclusive property of them and to continue to refuse to recognize the right of Israel to exist.

Netherlands military campaign in Gaza has been widely criticized by international human rights organizations, including Amnesty International.

The Israeli government has repeatedly rejected criticism of the Israeli military campaign, saying that its actions have been legitimate.

However, Amnesty International said the Israeli campaign was a violation of international humanitarian law, and that it “violated a number of UN resolutions and violated the rights of Palestinians, including the right to freedom of movement.”

The report by the International Relations Association, an independent non-governmental organization in Israel, also said that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the “most dangerous regional conflict in modern times,” with a potential for serious escalation.

According the report’s co-author, Professor Daniel Katz, this is because of the way in which Israel has developed its military capabilities in recent years.

Israel is currently conducting over 40,000 sorties, of which over 10,000 are conducted in the occupied territories, and over 40 percent are conducted on Israeli territory.

It also operates two nuclear weapons facilities, as well as a strategic missile force and a naval base in the Negev.

It has also built an air force, as opposed to an infantry one, and has a significant air force and ground force, which are capable of conducting operations in the area.

Israel is also heavily involved in maintaining the air defenses of the Gaza Strip.

The authors said that Israel is now expanding its air force from 30 aircraft to 60 aircraft and that its nuclear arsenal is also expanding.

Israelis military strategy is to build up a strong presence in the Gaza, with an emphasis on the area in the Mediterranean Sea.

The authors also say that the Israel Air Force is an essential component of the military strategy and is one of the primary sources of strategic force, especially for deterrence purposes.

According a report published by the Israel Defense Forces, the Israeli Air Force conducted 5,824 sorties in 2016, compared to 4,958 in 2015.

In total, Israel conducted 4,811 sorties against targets in the Golan Heights in 2016.

The report said that “the Israeli Air Forces has established a strong and solid base in northern Syria, which enables them to conduct airstrikes against the Syrian Arab Republic.”

While the report said Israel has conducted a number military operations in Gaza, it did not specify the types of operations.