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How do you feel about the new Tesla Model 3?

The electric vehicle maker’s first car, a $35,000 sedan, was greeted with a mix of approval and disapproval.

“It’s a great car,” one reviewer said, adding, “I’m very happy with it.

I like it and it’s the closest I’ve come to a fully electric car.”

Another, on the other hand, was quick to write, “As an avid fan of Tesla, this is the only car I have yet to own.”

In other words, a lot of people liked the car.

The average price for a new Tesla is $69,995, but the car is expected to go for $100,000 to $120,000.

But if you want a car that’s truly electric, the Model 3 may be the right vehicle for you.

If you want to own the Model S, you can get it for $57,100.

Tesla said it will launch an electric version of the Model X, which will sell for $67,100, at the end of the year.

As for the Model Y, which was initially unveiled as a vehicle with a more traditional sedan-like look, the company said in October that it will eventually release an SUV with a crossover-like shape and features.

The Model X will have a starting price of $85,000, while the SUV will cost $78,000 and the crossover SUV will go for between $88,000-95,000 ($100,200-$130,000).

Tesla’s Model 3 will be available by the end