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Which are the best electronic birthday gifts for Indian adults?

A group of scientists from the University of Delhi have come up with an interesting survey to help people find out which electronic birthday card is the best.

In the survey, participants were asked to select their favourite electronic birthday gift.

The results revealed that the most popular choice was a digital Christmas card, followed by a gift card and an electronic birthday ring.

The top three choices were the digital Christmas cards, digital Christmas rings and an e-gift card.

The survey also showed that a total of 6,619 respondents had selected the electronic Christmas card.

Here are some of the top results of the survey:Digital Christmas cards: The winner was a gift of an electronic Christmas gift card.

The winner was an electronic gift card with a card with the name of an individual or a brand name.

The card with an electronic name is also the best gift choice.

The second best choice was an eGift Card.

The third best choice is an electronic card with some text and a small amount of information.

The fourth best choice would be an electronic credit card with details of the individual or brand name and a date of birth.

The card with text and an amount of money is the second best gift.

The fifth best choice will be an Electronic Credit Card with some details and a credit card number.

The sixth best choice could be an eCards.

The seventh best choice can be an E-Cards with a name of a person, an email address or an address in the US or Canada.

The eighth best choice and the winner of the best present are an Electronic Christmas Gift Card and a digital e-Gift card with names of an employee or company.

The last best choice of the winner is an Electronic Card with a picture of an adult in a red or white dress.

The top five choices are:A digital Christmas ring with a digital name and details of an owner and date of birthday.

A digital credit card, with details, an amount and a signature.

A personalised electronic Christmas present.

The electronic Christmas Gift is the gift card that comes with an individual name and birthday.

The digital Christmas Ring is the electronic gift with a gift number.

A personalized electronic Christmas greeting.

The gift card is one of the most common electronic gifts and a favorite gift for adults.

Digital Christmas rings are the gifts with a large amount of detail, and a very distinctive name.

The gift with an approximate date of arrival is the winner.

The e-Card is a digital gift card from a bank, credit union, or other financial institution.

The credit card is a prepaid debit card that is able to be used by people who do not have a bank account.

The first gift chosen was an Electronic Gift Card with details.

The next gift was an EGift Credit Card.

The last gift was a personalised digital Christmas gift.