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Apple: Apple Pay integration in Macs is ‘not perfect’

Apple’s new Pay integration for Macs will not be perfect, but it will get the job done, Apple CEO Tim Cook said on Monday.

Apple Pay for Mac users will be implemented on the Mac in the coming weeks.

In addition, the Apple Pay app will be released for iOS devices.

Apple will also launch a new online store in October.

In the new online stores, users can make payments with their phones and iPads through Apple Pay and with the iPhone or iPad with Apple Pay on the same device.

“The iPhone is not perfect, and there are going to be some quirks, but this is going to help us get things done,” Cook said during an event in San Francisco.

Cook was asked about the new Mac app, which has not yet been launched.

He said that the Apple Store will be the best way to get payments, and that there will be other ways to pay as well.

Cook also talked about a new Apple Watch app for Mac, which he said is “very similar to what you can get on Android Wear.”

Cook’s comments came as a new report surfaced that Apple has partnered with China-based smartphone maker Huawei to offer free shipping on its new iPhone 7s and iPhone 7 models.

The news is a surprise to many, as Apple was expected to announce a major iPhone upgrade in the fall.

But while some Apple watchers were expecting an announcement, Cook said there was nothing new in the announcement.

“We’re not talking about anything that’s new, we’re not going to go into detail,” Cook told reporters on Monday, adding that the company has been working on this partnership with Huawei.

The partnership, which is currently in beta, will not launch until at least late October.

Apple has also recently announced a major update to its Mac operating system, macOS Sierra, which will be available for download in the second half of 2018.

The Mac will continue to be a high-profile product for Apple, which had been rumored to be launching its own OS as a standalone device in 2018.

However, Cook has said that Macs are not the next big thing, adding: “Macs are great, but we’re going to continue to have other products.”